The Worst Double Movie Date Ever!

“Jang Please dress up fast, we’d be late for the movie” Charity said calmly (but firmly) as she added final touches to her make-up.

I tried to act as though I was strong enough for the double movie date we were about to have but my heart was pounding with fear as if my village people were using it to pound yam. I was going to conceal my hurt and brokenness for as long as possible. It’ll break the heart of everyone if they found out that I had just been dumped from a two years relationship.

“I’m ready!!!” I said as I flashed a fake smile to Charity…she was too busy to fathom that it was an “Aba-made” smile.

While she was all dressed up like a princess for the date, I was wearing a black pair of jean trousers, a white top and the slippers I got from bend-down-select few weeks back. My face was bare, no make-up….I was simply too broken to start contouring spoil on my face. The last time I tried to be extravagant with my make-up, a provision shop owner in my street was advising me to go learn makeup. “Aunty, make-up nor too dey costly to learn again….you fit go learn for aunty bimbo place….This one wen you do get as e be”. So I vowed to stop deceiving myself with YouTube videos and face reality.

We got to the movies that day and Charity’s fiance was waiting for us with a box of pizza in his hands… He knew she was a pizza lover and decided to surprise her. You know the way girls are with surprises….She was screaming and crying like a baby and I was like… Why? Why are you crying? C’mon… Stop it….You are embarrassing me.(I said this only in my head though)

After all the public display of affection and tears, she finally turned to me and said ‘Ah ah, Jang…..where is Chigozie?? What’s keeping him so long….The movie is about to start”

“Chigozie just called, he said something came up….I guess you guys are stuck with me” I responded trying as hard as I could to sound normal….. Ofcourse I lied, Chigozie had dumped me and he wasn’t even aware of the movie date.
“Are you sure you’ll be okay??” 
“Of course….it’s okay…. I’d just go to the bathroom and then join you guys” I answered as I escaped into the bathroom.
I really didn’t know what to feel. Only two days ago I was engaged and of a sudden I was back to square one….I’m single….I’m empty….I’m lost…..I’m on a single-double date….and I’m pathetic. What will my mum say???
I ran my hands through my hair and stood up from the toilet seat. Yea…I was sitting on the WC, my pants were off and I had no intention to pee or poo….I just wanted thinking space and that was the best way to express myself.

When I was out of the bathroom, about three people stopped me to ask for directions….It was then I realized that I was wearing the same uniform as the ushers….”Black jean and White top”…..I was being mistaken for an usher…. woah!!! All I could think of was if think could get any worse…..and it sure did. 

As I was giving directions to an old lady, I saw him…. I spotted my ex…. My ex who dumped me two days ago was laughing and feeding a girl with ice-cream and cake at “our” usual spot. He was all happy, relax and I must admit…..cute. I turned around and headed straight to where my”double date” were sifted. I was trying so hard to avoid the gearing tears in my eyes and to be the strong girl my mum always said I was.

Usually, i’m not a fan of pop corn…they make me really sad. However, that day I didn’t know what happiness tasted like and I didn’t care. I sat down on the first row of the movie theatre with two packs of pop corn….Thankfully, I was the only one there so I had space to myself, I cried all through the movie, even though it wasn’t emotional.

I was like… Why? Why are you crying? C’mon… Stop it!!! You are embarrassing me (However, I said this only in my head)


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